BBS Corp.: Gentle mixing screw

BBS Corp., USA has developed a new mixing screw tip and two-stage dynamic-mixing screw extension. The patented “Chopper” screw extension has two types of floating stator rings, each with eight or more serrated “chopping” zones that randomly divide the melt among multiple mixing/conveying channels as the screw turns. Within each channel, the melt is mixed by a gentle rolling action. The five-stage screw-and-barrel extension has a stator ring followed by a transition zone, then a second stator ring followed by a conveying zone and then the mixing tip, which has a fixed (rather than floating) serrated Chopper ring. Additional stator rings can be added to the dynamic mixing section. The Chopper screw extension will be presented for the first time in a paper at the SPE Polyolefins 2001 conference in Houston, USA next February.

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