DSS: New Co-extrusion Concept for Blown Film

How do you make 10 layer film sheeting on a 5 layer die? The Dual Spiral System (DSS), is a new patented concept in co-extrusion blown film and blow molding. The DSS enables processors to take advantage of the improvements brought about from adding layers without adding additional equipment costs. By dividing each individual layer into two separate layers, the enhanced structural and physical properties of each layer material can be taken advantage of. This means that a five extruder DSS die would in fact be producing a 10 layer film.

Dual Spiral System (DSSTM) Co-extrusion dies:
The DSS provides a doubling of the number of layers in a die, superior streamlining and mixing of melt-flow, temperature isolation and a new standard in die design for simplicity and flexibility to add layers to the die configuration. The DSS is available 1 to 11 layers, in sizes of 1-55in (25-1400mm). For more information visit: http://www.dualspiralsystems.com

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