Davis Standard: Woodtruder revolutionizes wood fiber composite processing

An advanced composite extrusion system introduced by Davis-Standard, USA will change the way plastic/wood fiber products are being manufactured. Trade named as the Woodtruder, this new dual-extrusion system combines current wood fiber processing and plastics extrusion technology into one, highly efficient and cost-effective machine. “This extrusion system offers several commercial advantages and technological benefits, simplifying the wood fiber extrusion process,” said Dave Murdock, Davis-Standard’s Business Area Manager of Building Products. “Processors will now be able to use a greater array of basic polymers when processing wood fiber composite products while eliminating the expense of costly wood fiber drying and blending equipment.”

Set up in a tandem extrusion arrangement, the Woodtruder features a primary 28:1 parallel twin-screw extruder and a single screw, side-injection extruder. Gravimetric feeders convey the wood fiber composite at a controlled rate into the primary extruder. The first section of the primary extruder utilizes a unique heating and venting system to eliminate moisture from the wood fiber. The side-injection extruder, mounted mid-way through the primary extruder, separately heats and melts the desired polymer. Depending on the wood fiber-to-polymer ratio, the polymer is then injected at a controlled rate into the primary extruder. Since the polymer joins the fiber in a molten state, it encapsulates the wood fibers, resulting in a thoroughly mixed, high-quality composite of up to 80 percent wood fiber.
For more information about the Woodtruder, contact Dave Murdock at Davis-Standard’s primary manufacturing facility in Pawcatuck, CT, at (860) 599-6391

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