DuPont: Peel-to-foil trays exploit benefits of Surlyn®

The development of a Surlyn® based film used in peel-to-foil trays is benefiting food processors and consumers alike. The result is a reduction in material use, improved production performance, easy opening and in some cases, increased shelf-life. DuPont worked with film producer KM Convenience to introduce Surlyn® based film in food packaging systems for a range of UK supermarkets, including Marks and Spencer. The project brief was to produce a peelable lid for wrinkle-wall, uncoated aluminium trays, supplied by UK producer Ekco Packaging Ltd. The lid acts as a replacement to the polyethylene coated board commonly used in such applications. It also means that there is no need for secondary packaging. The wrinkle wall was developed first due to the difficulty in achieving a hermetic seal and clean peel to the uneven edge. The use of a lower-cost aluminium foil tray, as well as the elimination of the outer-board sleeve and secondary shrink wrap, increases customer friendliness and greatly reduces costs on the processing production line.

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