Conair: Portable Chillers with Dual Pumps & Compressors

Conair, USA has introduced a new top-of-the-line, self-contained portable chillers which use separate pumps for process and recirculation flows. They are said to ensure consistent flow rate and pressure regardless of changes in system loading. Large models (20 hp and above) of these Series 3 chillers also have dual Copeland scroll compressors on two refrigeration circuits for maximum cooling capacity and operating efficiency. Compact brazed-plate condensers help keep footprints 40% smaller than competitive models. Series 3 ranges from 3.5 to 30 tons in air- and water-cooled models Features include hot-gas bypass on all compressors, PLC controls with plain-English displays, stainless-steel tanks and side panels, nonferrous plumbing, top air discharge on air-cooled models (to direct heated air away from operators), and full 3-yr warranty.

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