Windmöller & Hölscher: New Insulated Multi-Level Internal Bubble Cooling System

The problem is a quite common one in the blown film industry: After some time of production, volatile matters emanating from the film build up on the internal cooling elements. These deposits may be dragged along by the cooling air, with a resultant adverse effect on the quality of the film. This phenomenon is similar to misted-up windows in a car as a result of condensation. To maintain good film quality at all times, the extrusion line has to be shut down in order to clean the IBC elements of the detrimental deposits. Such clean-ups involve a great deal of effort and downtime.
Windmöller & Hölscher, Germany has recently come up with an answer to this problem by offering the market an insulated multi-level internal bubble cooling system.
Unlike the W&H IBC systems known so far, the new design is made out of insulation material. Extensive R&D and field tests have proved the combination of the different physical properties of the materials used in construction to dramatically reduce condensation with a resultant positive influence on film quality. According to companies using the new system, the run time between cleaning cycles has been dramatically extended (2 to 8 times or sometimes even 20 times, depending on the type of resins processed), compared to previous IBC concepts. The benefits to the film converter are quite obvious, reduced down-time and extended up-time as well as less start-up waste which results in resin savings. Due to the said advantages, return on investment is achieved within only a few months’ time.
The insulated IBC system is available as an option for new W&H VAREX® blown film lines and can also be supplied as a retrofit for existing VAREX® extruders.
The advantages of the new concept are so convincing that as many as 16 units could be sold within a short time world-wide.

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