Hubron: New Fibre-Grade Masterbatches

Hubron, UK, has introduced two new black fibre-grade masterbatches. Loaded at 30% and 40% respectively, the new PP-based grades, PPFB 6175 and PPFB 6180, possess excellent dispersion qualities, high opacity and optimum UV properties. These masterbatches are ideal for customers in fibre extrusion for carpets, geotextiles and other markets, according to Regional Sales Manager John Case. Other features include an anti-oxidant package and flexibility of use for other extrusion processes. Hubron Manufacturing is one of Europe’s leading producers of plastic masterbatch and has over 65 years experience in carbon black, with an annual capacity of 25,000 tonnes. It has held ISO 9002 accreditation since 1986. The Hubron Group has an annual turnover of more than £25 million and over 90 employees.

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