Polytech: Future of crosslinked filmic products

Polytech Spa,Italy, world leaders in the production of biaxially oriented film extrusion equipment and well known for their quality converting equipment, announce the first result of their aggressive R&D and marketing strategy aimed to furtherly consolidate and expand the Company position within the quality suppliers of the flex-pack industry.
Cornerstone of the project was a purposely built web converting unit to complement the two already existing film extrusion systems at Polytech’ Research Center.
Common goal and key decision was the insertion of an Electron Beam unit, supplied by the world’s largest manufacturer of these units, Energy Sciences Inc. (ESI) of Boston, MA, USA, strategic partner of Polytech for this new technology venture aimed to expand the electron beam applications in the flexible packaging.
Irradiated biax-shrink films ,gaining widespread popularity as display overwraps represent an highly lucrative segment of the film business, with a volume today estimated in 300.000 tons of growing consumption.
Today’s high performance, thin, shrink films, whilst remaining highly sophisticated subjects, are no longer black magic and market requirements are calling for an even broader selection of customised products.
These requirements were the driving forces convincing and motivating Polytech to enter, first machinery manufacturer in the world to do so, in the development and marketing phase of a completely integrated system to produce crosslinked films, offering it as a full-package supply.
The successful accomplishment of such an huge task required human resources, skills, knowledge, heavy investments in the necessary hardware and a deep understanding of the multiple aspects of involved technologies, associated with the undisputed and unparalleled experience of Polytech in this specific area of film extrusion.
Painstaking efforts are paying back. The free availability of one of the finest and interesting film production technology is now a solid reality, offered by Polytech as absolute market first for the industry.

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