Draiswerke: High speed Mixing/Compounding Machine

GELIMAT from DRAISWERKE enables companies to recycle and reuse the high cost ingredients of different polymers. GELIMAT is able to process most plastic materials with up to 70% filler degree in a matter of seconds while realizing huge savings in cost of production and time.
Reuse of recycled plastics as additives into wood products:
The extensive research and studies have shown that GELIMAT will open up the new age in wood industry. Extremely low cost recycled plastics are well mixed and further processed with wood flour/natural fibers and cellulose fibers by GELIMAT to manufacture
building construction materials.

Gelimat, High Speed Thermokinetic Mixer/Compounder, is able to mix and compound polymers with different wood products in less than 30 seconds compared to longer processing times with conventional plastic processing equipment. Gelimat is also able to
accommodate moisture content in the product whereas with the conventional systems you would need an additional drying system.

Gelimat will do everything that a twin-screw extruder does except from shaping.
Therefore, the only downstream equipment you would need after Gelimat is the shaping device such as Pelletizer or Short Barrel Extruder. Shorter processing time, less maintenance requirements, low capital investment, better dispersion and mixing quality and fully automated process control will come along with the use of GELIMAT.

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