Tria: Grinding of pipes with a tipper channel

The production of pipes in the world has strongly increased in these last years, not only in quantity, but also as typology of diameters, thickness and lengths. The great manufacturers of pipes have therefore to dispose of remarkable quantities of big and heavy pipes, which are difficult and dangerous to be handled manually. Due to specific requirements of major processors, Tria has designed, manufactured and standardized an automatic feeding system for pipes by hydraulic tipping channel. The tipping channel has such a section, that it can be charged with one big pipe only or with more pipes of smaller diameter, allowing the processor to charge into the tipper the entire production range.

Pipes of various materials can be charged and then ground, in PVC, Polypropylene and HDPE, with max. diameter of 630 mm and lengths up to 6 mt. and weight up to 500 kg.
At a first stage the pipes are placed on an inclined structure, to assist the pipes gliding into the tipping channel, which, when it is full, becomes closed by a cover. With the grinder and the operating suction equipment, can begin the working cycle: he closed tipper is lifted up to the maximum point, where opens the front door, which lets fall the pipes into the loading hopper of the grinder; the pipes are braked by the electropneumatic brake, which avoids that the pipes reaching the rotor. After a predetermined time the brake opens and allows the pipes to reach the rotor to be ground. When the control system of the grinder indicates that there are no more pipes to be ground, the machine begins automatically the return operation of the tipper in its original position, to begin a new cycle. The feeding cycle has a duration variable between three and five minutes, depending upon various factors such as the screen holes diameter and the dimensions of the grinder. The system is supplied with a grinder placed in a pit, of the series DN or FN, depending upon the production requirements, from 1000 up to 3000 kg/h.

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