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Mitten Vinyl: US$ 2 million expansion

Friday, June 15th, 2001

At a time when the vinyl siding industry is in decline, Mitten Vinyl Inc. is in the midst of a $2 million expansion. The company has increased manufacturing space by 15,000 square feet, to 40,000 square feet, allowing it to boost capacity.

Composites One: Acquisition of Plas-tex assets

Thursday, June 14th, 2001

Material distributor and service provider Composites One of Arlington Heights, USA, has acquired the assets of Plas-tex Ltd. of Fort Worth, Texas, from the Smith family. Plas-tex employs 53 and had 2000 sales of more than US$50 million. Plas-tex Chairman Terry Smith will remain with the business in an advisory role.

The Plastics Group: New source of filled PP for sheet

Wednesday, June 13th, 2001

Custom compounder and recycler The Plastics Group (TPG) of Woonsocket, USA, is expanding its Polyfil product line into extrusion and blow molding markets, with an initial focus on polypropylene compounds. Sheet extrusion and thermoforming for microwavable food containers are targets for three new talc-filled (20%, 30%, and 40%) homopolymers with MFRs of 0.4 to 2.0. Impact-modified versions have low-temperature toughness for use in frozen-food packaging. Another new area is large-part blow molding. New 20% and 30% glass-reinforced PP impact copolymers have been introduced for applications from water tanks to automotive seat backs and fan shrouds.

Eurotherm: launch of website

Wednesday, June 13th, 2001

Eurotherm Gauging Systems, Inc. (EGS), a supplier of extrusion web-thickness gauging and control equipment, has created a website, It provides product information, including data on the company’s CIMline and System 21 gauging systems and related sensors and software.

Plastic Engineering Associates: New cooling screw for foam

Tuesday, June 12th, 2001

A new screw design for foam extrusion is believed to be the first to use cross-flight melt channels to increase cooling and foam output. The channels perforating the curved flights scoop hot polymer off the screw root and brings it into contact with the cooled barrel. In the single-screw cooling extruder of a tandem foam line, it reportedly increases output by 25-40%. Developed and patented by Plastic Engineering Associates Inc., USA. The screw is already used commercially by several large producers of PS-foam sheet for clamshells and board for construction.

M&Q Packaging: New nylon film line

Tuesday, June 12th, 2001

M&Q Packaging, Schuylkill Haven, USA, will increase its nylon film capacity by 1,2 million lb/yr with the installation this summer of a new 72-in.-wide blown-film line. Markets for the product include vacuum bags for composites, BMC bags, SMC release films, cast-acrylic mold liners, bent-glass manufacture, circuit-board curing, solvent-recovery still liners, clean-room packaging and food packaging. M&Q Packaging is a subsidiary of M&Q Plastic Products, which manufactures nylon film, nylon convolute tubing and nylon profile extrusions.

Large-diameter pipes to grow 4,9 per cent/yr

Monday, June 11th, 2001

U.S. demand for plastic large-diameter pipe is forecast to grow from 32,4 million ft in 2000 to 41,1 million ft in 2005, a 4.9 per cent annual rate of increase. According to a new study from Freedonia Group Inc., Cleveland, plastics’ share will rise from 18,7 per cent to 21,2 per cent of total demand and will consume 1,1 billion lb of resin. Growth of plastic pipe in 1990-2000 was 8 per cent / year. PVC pipe has the best growth prospects, based on growing usage in sanitary sewers and water distribution. The 186-page report, entitled “Large Diameter Pipe,” is available for $3600 from Freedonia. Phone (440) 684-9600.

Dow: Purchase of Biocomposite Wood-Replacement Business

Thursday, June 7th, 2001

Dow Pipeline Ltd., USA, a wholly owned subsidiary of Dow Chemical Co., has agreed to buy most of the assets of Isobord Enterprises Inc., an Elie-based manufacturer of natural- fiber composite panels. The panels are produced by pressing a mixture of finely chopped wheat straw and Dow polyurethane. Isobord had been in receivership since February. Dow Pipeline Ltd. will be renamed later to reflect the new composite business.
The Elie plant occupies 215,000 sq ft and employs 70. Dow had worked with Isobord since the plant started production in 1998 and says the product line, which has won environmental awards, is a good fit with other polyurethane-based Dow products for home construction and remodeling.

Dynisco: Smaller on-line melt rheometer

Thursday, June 7th, 2001

A newly commercial on-line melt rheometer from Dynisco Polymer Test, USA, is said to be the smallest return-stream instrument on the market. Measuring only 22 in. long by 9 in. wide and priced about one-third less than competitive units, the ViscoSensor is said to be very easy to install and maintain. It can be used to measure shear rate vs. viscosity or ASTM melt index. The melt-sampling transfer line fits into a standard M18 pressure-transducer port in the extruder barrel. Melt enters and exits the ViscoSensor via an annular “pipe-within-pipe” transfer system. This is a zero discharge system whereby the melt sample is returned directly to the process, thus eliminating material waste.

Harvel: Largest-diameter CPVC pipe

Wednesday, June 6th, 2001

The world’s largest-diameter CPVC pipe has been commercially extruded for about a year by Harvel Plastics, USA, according to a spokesman of the company. The 14- and 16-in. pipes have walls 0.75-in. and 0.843-in. thick, respectively. They are aimed at conveying hot, corrosive solutions in paper and chemical- processing plants. The challenge in making the bigger pipes is not the diameter but the mass of resin present. Harvel has made a 24-in. CPVC duct for 10 years, but the duct is only 0.25-in. thick. The problem was to design a die that could extrude thick CPVC pipe without burning or degrading the material, Harvel says. The solution resulted from a 6-year development program with BFGoodrich Performance Materials in Cleveland, using Goodrich’s Corzan CPVC resin.