UNICOR: New corrugator generation

More and more (so-called technical) pipes for technical and industrial applications, such as for automotive industry, medical applications etc. are produced on corrugators. Standard corrugators confront the manufacturer with the problem of the fixed (= non-variable) chain lengths. These fixed chain lengths very often mean that a certain, not negligible quantity of non-usable product (waste) is produced, because the fixed chain length does not take into account the specific product length.

In order to overcome this inconvenience, UNICOR GmbH Rahn Plastmaschinen, has launched two new corrugator generations. The (traditional) corrugator models UC 15 and UC 58 have become “variable” in chain length. This means that the chain length of the corrugator can be extended in steps of one mould block length in order to meet the required product length, thus avoiding costly waste. This variability of the chain length allows the manufacturer to choose e.g. a chain length of 46 moulds for product A and 63 moulds for product B on the very same corrugator. As the construction of the corrugator is based on the construction set principle, the change-over time needed from one chain length to the other is very short.

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