Koch-Glitsch: First Presentation at K 2001

Koch-Glitsch, an American based company with subsidiaries in several countries of Europe, presents the first time at K’2001 their static mixing and reaction equipment for polymer production and processing.
With a novel type of flow model the mixing efficiency of the SMX and SMXL mixing elements at laminar flow conditions is demonstrated using a viscous fluid.

The new developed mixing nozzle KMH-KSM for injection moulding machines is presented. It is homogenising the melt during the injection process at 30 to 50% lower pressure drop as compared with earlier designs. The nozzle can be disassembled completely in its individual parts and can be easily cleaned or checked. A system of notches assures always the correct assembling of the unit.

For homogeneous melts in extrusion melt blenders in two different versions are shown based on the well proven SMX mixing elements. With the type KMB-S they are installed in a sleeve whereas with the type KMB-R the elements are welded to a rod an equipped on one end with a support ring. Both versions will be placed in the flow channel of the melt just upstream the die.

For the polymer production several products will be presented. Mixer heat-exchangers for viscous, temperature sensitive polymer solutions or polymer melts are exhibited. SMXL or KHT mixer packing, installed into the pipes of shell and tube heat exchangers do improve the heat transfer coefficient by factor 5 to 6. Contrary to the shell and tube heat exchangers in the SMR mixing reactor shown the product is flowing around the pipes. The SMR is used as reactor for polymerisation reactions or in general for cooling and heating of viscous fluids. The SMX polymer mixer is successfully proven for admixing low viscous additives or colour pigments to the polymer melt just upstream the garanulation system.

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