Akcros Chemicals: Additives for PVC processing

Akcros Chemicals will be promoting its comprehensive range of polymer additives, which includes stabilizers, lubricants, plasticisers, biocides, anti-static agents and rheology modifiers.
As part of its commitment to PVC processing, the company has pioneered such technologies as additives in non-dusting melt forms; INTERLITE one-pack stabiliser systems free of lead, barium and cadmium for pipes and fittings; and liquid mixed metal stabilisers that have an extremely low volatile solvent content and that are phenol free.
The LANKROMARK family of liquid mixed-metal stabilizers are available in both self-lubricating and non-lubricating forms have been developed for a range of flexible PVC products from floor and wall coverings to tarpaulin coatings. Low toxic cadmium-zince grades are available for applications such as children’s toys and food contact components.
Akcros additives provide lubricity, heat and colour stability, UV and corrosion resistance, and increased resistance to ageing. These new developments also contribute to enhanced environmental acceptability.

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