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Trendelkamp: Twin-Bolt Screen Changer at K

Monday, August 20th, 2001

Screen Changer manufacturer Trendelkamp will exhibit the latest design of their proven Twin-Bolt Screen Changer during the K-Show. The new design combines functional advantages with optimal processing conditions. Another newly designed product, a Classifier for separation of oversized and fines, will be also shown at the Booth. This unit will be installed with a conveying system so that it is possible to see nearly realistically how the Classifier works. Visitors are invited to the Trendelkamp booth to get information about the company and the complete product range that includes - besides Screen Changer and Classifier - Mixing Silos and Extruder-Degassing Systems.

Welex: 1 ton/hour V-Pet System

Friday, August 17th, 2001

Welex, USA, will exhibit the newest member of their World Standard family of complete hopper-to-winder sheet extrusion systems at K 2001 in Dusseldorf.
The line will feature the new 130 mm 30D Mark III vented extruder to run via the Welex V-PET system, which significantly minimizes the need for predrying PET. Stated line capacity running APET sheet for packaging is 1100 kg/hr.This size was developed specifically to satisfy the rapidly rising demand for lines to produce one ton per hour of quality thermoforming sheet. The same line can also run HIPS at similar capacity, or PP at somewhat lower capacity — without any changes whatsoever.

Integrated Packaging: Altex film for the U.S. market

Thursday, August 16th, 2001

Integrated Packaging Pty., Australia, has gained U.S. distribution for its Altex film technology, which stretches film to make it thinner, but stronger. Integrated Packaging said it invested US$10.35 million to develop the technology, and customers in Europe are using Altex-thinned film in agricultural applications.

Whitaker Technical Plastics: New compounding line

Wednesday, August 15th, 2001

Whitaker Technical Plastics has moved to a new custom-built factory to accommodate a new twin screw compounding line. The company has bought a 58 mm NFM Welding Engineers line to develop compounds incorporating fillers, additives and modifiers, and polymer alloys. The new line cost more than £500,000 and includes water baths, pelletisers, air knives and packaging facilities. The company’s existing range of static dissipative and conduct products will continue to be made on a 48 mm Prism twin screw line.

B A Thorne: Coilers for varying lengths

Tuesday, August 14th, 2001

Extruders producing odd lengths of profiles or hose in coils now have a UK source of coiling equipment. Generally coiling is done manually or on a simple coiler built in-house. Uponor Group company Unicor Extrusionstechnik builds a range of coilers for this type of work, and these are now available in the UK through B A Thorne (Machinery).

The basic machines are turntable coilers from 80 to 120 cm diameter with cutting, changeover and tension-free coiling from outside to inside or vice versa. Multi-layering is possible together with interleaving of virtually any material. The process is controlled by a dancer arm which feeds a signal to a Siemens PLC. More complex equipment is available with multiple stations, automatic changeover, banding, foil wrapping, boxing and other options.

PolyOne: Purging compound for high-gloss PVC

Tuesday, August 14th, 2001

An FDA-compliant, clear purging compound aimed at high-gloss PVC molding and extrusion is new from PolyOne Corp., USA. Clear Oxypurge is a pelletized compound for purging lines used to make PVC bottles, especially those used in health and beauty aids, as well as film, sheet and injection molded products. Oxypurge is said to make resin changeovers 50% faster than with conventional purges, and it boasts excellent lubricating properties. PolyOne supplies a range of other purging compounds for packaging.

Imaflex: Possible acquisition

Monday, August 13th, 2001

Imaflex Inc., Canada, plans to enter multilayer film extrusion by acquiring an operation. The Montreal film producer now solely does monolayer blown film extrusion, but wants to diversify. The company did not reveal any potential acquisition candidates.

Breyer Maschinenfabrik: New extrusion system for hollow chamber profiles

Monday, August 13th, 2001

Breyer Maschinenfabrik GmbH from Germany, specialised in extrusion systems for the production of hollow chamber profiles made of polycarbonate, has launched a new system with an output of up to 700 kg/h. Due to the effective degassing there is no need to pre-dry the PC granules, according to Breyer. The patented melt pump control makes the start-up easier and considerable faster.

Kiefel: Winding technologc at the very highest level

Friday, August 10th, 2001

During the forthcoming K 2001 exhibition, visitors will be able to admire the advanced state of winder technology that KIEFEL Extrusion GmbH, Germany, has acquired through Wintech. On display will be a surface/center/gap winder which has also been integrated into the coextrusion line and, because of its patented CLP2 system (Constant Lay-On Pressure), is designed to meet maximum demands. Its vacuum contact roller ensures optimum film transport and enables winding with a minimum of web tension. For the first time Kiefel now is able to cover the full spectrum of winding technology - from simple surface winders to high end winders.

Merlin Process Equipment: Mixer can discharge partial batches

Thursday, August 9th, 2001

The latest HM Series Horizontal Mixer from Merlin Process Equipment Co.,USA, (formerly Henschel Mixers America), has a significant new feature: It can now discharge partial batches, where previously the mixer discharged its entire contents at once. The HM mixer now has a specially adapted discharge valve, that can open and close again after discharging part of a batch. This allows the mixer to fill several gaylords from one batch, for example. The mixer retains its hydraulic clamshell lid, cross-flow mixing action and optional high-speed choppers. It can also be jacketed for either heating or cooling.