Boston Matthews: New extrusion technology

Boston Matthews will launch a number of new developments with the clear emphasis on using technology to provide the processor with accuracy and information/data about their extrusion process. These include a new range of extruders which incorporate the brand new computer control system – ExtruPro®. Additional machine launches include a new range of Precision Servo-Rotary Cutters for accurate high speed cutting. Also being demonstrated will be the All-Electric Servo-Driven Saw which eliminates the need for any secondary off-line cutting; and the Industry Standard Model ‘C’ Caterpillar Haul-Off now fitted with AC Flux Vector Drives as standard. The new extruders are fitted with an AC Vector Drive as standard giving the user such benefits as lower operating costs; lower maintenance costs; increased speed holding capabilities and improved torque characteristics.. The new extruder range is available with a new computer control system – ExtruPro. The new extruders can be linked directly to a modem for ‘Remote Customer Support’. This enables Boston Matthews technicians to trouble-shoot the machine no matter where in the world it is located.

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