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Lanier: Expansion of plant and additional extrusion line

Wednesday, October 24th, 2001

Lanier Color Co (which specializes in making coloured polyvinyl chloride compounds) is investing US$500,000 in expanding its production unit in Gainesville, GA by 5000 sq ft. A 5th extrusion line in the new extension will increase capacity by 40%. There is now no surplus space at the Gainesville site and Lanier is seeking a 15,000 sq ft site in the Atlanta, GA region. In 2000 Lanier (which also makes acrylic, engineering and other compounds) made US$4 M sales with 33 employees. It expects to register sales of US$6 M for 2001 and of US$8 M for 2002.

Maag: World record in extrusion

Wednesday, October 24th, 2001

Maag Pump Systems Textron has announced that the Extrex series gear pump now offers throughputs up to 12,000 kg/hr. The new Extrex 180 and 224 sizes offer coolable shaft seals, shear pin coupling, and standard electrical heating. Other options are also available. Peter Emhardt, extrusion product manager for Maag commented, “Maag is proving that we are not only the gear pump leader, but we will continue to be number one in offering the largest range of gear-pump sizes for the customer. We have been working on these larger designs for some time and now feel that we can offer the customer the best design and largest variety of gear pump products in the extrusion industry.”

W&H: High performance cast film line

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2001

The FILMEX cast film line to be displayed by Windmöller & Hölscher at K 2001, features a completely different configuration and various new details. To ensure excellent film quality and high output, the new chill roll unit, including the suspension of the die, has been redesigned for optimum operation, giving high temperature accuracy. The FILMEX line has a slot die with a width of 2400 mm, and is equipped with three extruders (90/135/90.30 D). Edge trim removal is assured through a special winder which is also incorporated. The technical equipment of this line allows for the latest developments in the field of plastic resins. During K 2001, a transparent, stiff 3-layer PP composite will be produced for use by the food industry.

Siemens: New control software for extrusion

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2001

Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. has introduced control software packages for blow molding machines and extruders. Siemens claims both products reduce setup time and waste.
The extrusion package covers automation programs and options to fit most extrusion applications, Siemens said. Included are operator interface screens and documentation. Screens display temperature settings and displays, hot and cold zone settings and air- or water-cooled options. Graphs show trends in temperatures.
The software works with Siemens totally integrated automation system, a family of hardware, software and networking equipment for motion control in plastics machinery.
Siemens Energy & Automation is based in Alpharetta, Ga. Tel. (770) 740-3000.

Ticona: UHMW-PE Micro Powders for multiple applications

Monday, October 22nd, 2001

New micro-powder grades of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene are being evaluated as additives that can impart anti-slip properties, abrasion resistance, impact strength, chemical resistance, and sound damping to other thermoplastics. GUR MicroPowder UHMW-PE from Ticona in Summit,USA, is a series of fine powders with average particle sizes from 30 to 60 microns. They reportedly can replace PTFE powders at application temperatures from 194 F down to - 302 F. Compared to PTFE, GUR MicroPowders reportedly show better abrasion resistance and have nearly 50% lower density, which can lead to lower costs. GUR MicroPowders are finding use in LDPE and HDPE films as anti-slip agents. GUR is said to create a roughened surface that prevents bags from sliding off piles. Initial evaluations of these powders in polyester and acetal are said to look very promising.

Pliant: Cut of some customer-service jobs

Monday, October 22nd, 2001

Flexible film maker Pliant Corp., USA, is cutting some customer-service positions at facilities in South Deerfield, Mass., and Newport News and Williamsburg, Va. About 17 positions will be eliminated in South Deerfield; some of those workers will be able to transfer to a new service center the firm is building in Schaumburg. An undetermined number of jobs will be cut in Virginia.

KIEFEL: Licence agreement reached on orbital winder technology

Monday, October 22nd, 2001

In connection with the acquisition of the winding division of ---tian Maier GmbH & Co., Heidenheim, KIEFEL Extrusion GmbH has concluded a new exclusive agreement with the licensee of the orbital winding technology, Werner Mülfarth. This will be effective from 1st April 2002, as will also be the acquisition of the Maier winding division. Werner Mülfarth will in addition be available with immediate effect and without limitation as consultants for KIEFEL und WINTECH Winding Technology AG, Lachen/Schweiz.
Orbital winders are exceptionally well suited for demanding winding and roll-slitting tasks. Fully automatic processes offer high winder security and availability. The center winding with pressure control of the contact rollers achieves reproducible, first-class roll quality, also with materials which are sensitive to winding tensions and with free choice of winding characteristics. The stepless movement of the contact roll also offers non-stop roll slitting without loss of quality during roll change.

SML: New PP film line

Friday, October 19th, 2001

SML Maschinengesellschaft mbH, Austria, introduced its Sleeve-Touch production line which allows the production of poly-propylene film at a thickness range that closes the gap of gauges between cast film and sheet extrusion, thanks to contact on both sides of the film and the low contact pressure.
The vertical melt curtain is cooled down between a seamless steel belt and a chill roll on a horizontal roll stack.
The film has high transparency with low haze and without die lines. Other benefits include low orientation and internal residual stress, especially when compared with calendered film.
Tel. +43 (7672) 912-283, fax +43 (7672) 912-9, e-mail [email protected]

Uth: Gear extruder for rubber extrusion

Friday, October 19th, 2001

Out of a large number of successful installations and a close cooperation with rubber processing companies, a complete modular designed extrusion system resulted, which is the core of Uth GmbH exhibition event. The current status of the roll-ex extrusion system (see graphic illustration) is based on the unique and specially for elastomer processing developed gear extruder, launched first time world wide at K95.
The goal of this innovative machinery engeneering, is the maximum ability of adaptation to the material to be processed.
One important feature of the system is at first it’s ability to process all in a rubber factory usual shapes of material, like strips, sheets, slabs, pellets, and batches.The feeding can effect, the individual application depending, cold or hot.For the different extrusion applications, are specially for gear extruder developed heads, available. The variety of applications of this compact and easy integrateable extruders are including b.o. straining with extremely tight mesh screen, , prewarming (e.g. calender feeding), performing, all kind of precision extrusion, high pressure extrusion like cord and wire composite, hoses etc..
As a result from the systems special properties like gentle material treatment at high extrusion pressure and highly precise output, roll-ex proves as most economically, at the day to day extrusion tasks.
The lower demands on the material to be processed, grant the elastomer processor to take new production procedures in consideration.
So there are some completely new elastomer based industrial products launched already by using the roll-ex system
From the pioneer of gear extruder technology the machines are available basically in 3 different sizes up to 2500 kg/h output, plus different special designs. Further models are in preperation.
For customer trials several lab machines of different sizes are available in Europe, North America and Japan.
At the K-booth a latest design gear extruder will be shown as well running demonstrations with rubber
Furthermore UTH will present it’s divisions Machinery + Plant as well Engineering Partner.
Further Information about the roll-ex Extrusion system are at

Vitembal: Purchase of Welex sheet line

Thursday, October 18th, 2001

French packaging maker Vitembal SA has purchased a Welex Inc. sheet line that will run at Welex’s booth during K 2001. The machine at K can turn out 2,400 pounds of amorphous PET an hour. The company now has sold 10 sheet lines to customers in France.