Alpha Packaging: Film for safer cars

A polyethylene film which it is claimed could help make cars safer has been developed by Alpha Packaging Films. The film, known as FRG, contains a halogenated polyphosphate flame retardant and is intended for use in door liners. It was developed at the request of a company supplying door liners to British motor manufacturers. The industry safety standard calls for liners not to burn more than 100 mm in 60 seconds. Alpha says its FRG film does not burn at all. The halogenated polyphosphate flame retardant, supplied by Wells Plastics, was used as an alternative to antimony trioxide or other heavy metal synergists to prevent the generation of toxic fumes. Testing to the German dioxin ordinance has shown that the FRG does not contain or generate levels of brominated dioxin or dibenzofurans.

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