Buhler: Ring Extruder for undried PET

A 12-screw “ring” extruder is said to permit pelletizing reclaimed PET bottle flake without predrying. Developed by Buhler AG in Uzwil, Switzerland, the Model RE ring extruder will be part of an upgraded continuous recycling process for food-grade PET that will be installed late next year by Germany’s
Schmalbach-Lubeca AG at a plant in Beaune, France. The streamlined process will feed washed PET flake, without drying, into the Buhler ring extruder, which will remove moisture along with any organic impurities
or volatiles. The Model RE has 12 corotating, closely intermeshing screws arranged in a circle. Melt will then be pelletized and sent into a continuous solid-state polycondensation process, also engineered by Buhler, raising the PET’s I.V. to bottle grade again.

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