Barlo Plastics: Alternative for glass in roofing applications

Barlo Plastics offers BARLO SPC, a product especially useful in a wide range of roofing applications. BARLO SPC is extruded from Polycarbonate resin, the material of choice for the roofing sector. BARLO SPC is a multi-wall sheet extruded from polycarbonate - a unique engineering thermoplastic resin which gives high levels of mechanical, thermal and optical properties which are essential in a wide range of roofing applications. In essence Multi-wall polycarbonate is virtually unbreakable, lighter in weight and offers much higher insulation values, making it a safe alternative to more traditional sheet products. BARLO SPC is also impact resistant and provides energy saving. It also features a protection system which provides resistance against degradation caused by UV radiation from sunlight. The key properties of BARLO SPC allow the product to be used as an alternative to glass, PVC, Acrylic or GRP in roofing and cladding applications. The 10-year guarantee for optical , mechanical properties and for hail resistance on products above 10mm and above, reinforce these values. The product is certified according to the SIA 280 standard for it’s hail resistance.

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