GE Plastics: Weatherable Film for new Segway HT device

Sollx decorative film of GE Plastics, USA, has found its first commercial application in the fender of the new Segway HT (Human Transporter) device. This self-balancing, two- wheeled unit, introduced last month by Segway LLC provides pedestrians with an ability to move more easily and quickly than before on sidewalks and in large workplaces. The surfacing film for this in-mold decorated part is extruded by GE Structured Products from a novel resin that GE now reveals is a polyestercarbonate, a type of polycarbonate copolymer.Sollx film is still described as pre- commercial, though GE expects to make generally available by mid-2002. Development programs using Sollx film are under way in automotive and other areas.

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