Western European Plastics Pipe to grow 2,4% per year

Plastic pipe consumption will grow 2.4% annually in Western Europe through 2005, and 5.4%/yr in Central/Eastern Europe during that time period, for a 3.1% growth rate overall. According to Thermoplastic Pipe in Europe—2001, a new report from Philip Townshend Associates, Inc., Houston, the fastest-growing pipe resins in Europe are polypropylene and crosslinked PE (PEX). The firm expects to see over 9% annual growth in PP pipe because of new grades that can replace both PVC and non-plastics in building and sewer applications. Growth of PEX, estimated at over 5.5%/yr, will be driven by indoor heating and plumbing uses.Main applications across Europe for pipe are sewage (30%), water distribution (16%), and building pipe (15%). The fastest-growing uses are gas distribution, cable conduit and building pipe. The report predicts nearly 5%/yr growth in gas pipe, driven by increased use of higher- pressure HDPE grades replacing steel.

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