Doeflex Vitapol: New PVC compound with woodflour

Doeflex Vitapol, the PVC division of Vita Thermoplastic Compounds Ltd, has launched a new product Timbercel, a PVC compound with 30% to 50% woodflour content.The new product exhibits a number of substantial advantages; it is foamed during extrusion and produces lengths of PVC, which have many of the characteristics of machined wooden strips. Yet it will not degrade because the organic cellular structure of wood is bound in the matrix of PVC. It can be drilled, screwed or nailed and is recyclable. Timbercel also exhibits a level of fire retardence that is not possible with wood.
Timbercel is suitable for many building and construction applications, including window frames, decking and cornicing. Doeflex Vitapol is keen to involve customers and potential customers in the development and application of Timbercel, contact Doeflex Vitapol on 01793 442442.

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