Wood-Polymer to grow in the U.S.

U.S. demand for all sorts of decking is projected to increase by 1.6% annually through 2005, from 4.677 billion board feet to 5.075 billion board ft. However, wood-plastic composite decking will soar 15.6%/yr from 236 million to 488 million board ft. Other plastic decking (PVC and polyethylene) will grow by a healthy 9.3%/yr from 75 million to 117 million board ft. The lion’s share of decking will still be wood, though its market share will shrink from 93.4% to 88.1% by 2006. These figures come from a new report, “Wood & Competitive Decking,” from Freedonia Group, Inc. in Cleveland. The 247-page report costs $3700. Contact Corinne Gangloff at (440) 684-9600.

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