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Sealed Air: Acquisition of Soten

Wednesday, January 16th, 2002

Sealed Air Shrink Packaging Division, USA,has acquired Milan-based plastic films manufacturer Soten, Italy retroactive to 30 September 2001. Soten has capacity to produce 2,000 t/y of polyolefin- and PVC-based shrink film at two sites, Milan and Manfredonia. The Italian deal strengthens Sealed Air’s presence in the European market and expands its portfolio as well as production capability.

Crompton: Subsidiaries cooperate on PEX pipe production

Wednesday, January 16th, 2002

Two business units of Crompton, processing equipment maker Davis-Standard and additives producer OSI, are pooling technologies to produce one-step cross-linkable polyethylene pipe. The venture hopes to offer processors a one-stop shop by combining OSi’s dry silane with Davis-Standard’s pipe extrusion equipment in a single operation.
Until recently, the silane process required two separate steps, in which the silane was grafted onto the polyethylene before being extruded into the pipe. This new method allows the dry silane to be incorporated into the melt at the extruder throat, thereby eliminating the grafting step.
Cross-linked PE pipes are able to withstand high temperatures such as potable hot water transmission and heating systems. They compete directly with copper and polypropylene pipes. Davis-Standard is currently building a demonstration line at its headquarters, scheduled for completion by March, using this technology. It will produce 10-mm-dia pipe and can be used for trials by customers.

EDI: First „Boltless“ die cuts downtime

Tuesday, January 15th, 2002

A revolutionary flat-die clamping system from Extrusion Dies, Inc. (EDI) replaces laborious tasks required for die cleanouts and color changes with a mechanized process that clamps and releases the die halves in less than
one minute, the company announced. The innovation centers on a series of hydro-mechanical clamps positioned
along the backline of the die manifold in the same locations occupied by the body bolts in a conventional die. While these bolts hold the upper and lower halves of the die body together, offsetting the huge forces
(typically 250 to 280 kg/m2, or 3500 to 4000 psi) inside the die, removing them requires 1650 to 1950 Newton-meters (1200 to 1300 of torque, work often done with manual tools and requiring considerable time for loosening and then re-tightening. The operator of EDI’s boltless die, on the other hand, flips a switch to start an unclamping or reclamping process that takes a mere 30 seconds, according to John A. Ulcej, Executive Vice President of Engineering and Technology, who led the project to develop the system.

Enercon: Two new Narrow Web Representatives

Tuesday, January 15th, 2002

Enercon announces the expansion of its representative network with the addition of two new representatives for the company’s Narrow Web Corona Treating Equipment, United Printing and METI Spolka z o.o.
With its headquarters in Crystal Lake, Illinois and a Sales Center in Warsaw, METI Spolka z o.o. will provide service and sales support throughout Russia and Poland. METI is very familiar with the label converting industry serving as the representative for Profiteer as well.
Based in Skokie, Illinois and with a Sales Center in Shanghai, United Printing is well-positioned to offer assistance to Enercon Narrow Web customers in China. United Printing operates a Flexo Training Center in Shanghai, and thus able to provide a high level of technical service.

Med Source: Acquisition of tube extruder

Monday, January 14th, 2002

Contract medical device manufacturer MedSource Technologies Inc., USA, expanded its plastic portfolio Jan. 8, buying a Georgia company that makes extremely small tubing for catheters and other interventional and minimally invasive treatments. MedSource said it bought HV Technologies Inc. of Trenton for the company´s proprietary dip-coating technology.

Davis Standard: PE technology cooperation

Monday, January 14th, 2002

US extrusion specialist Davis Standard, USA, has entered a technology cooperation pact with its sister company, OSi Specialties (Greenwich, Connecticut) for one-step production of pipes made of cross-linked PE. Previously, such pipes only could be extruded and cross-linked in a two-step process. In the new process, OSi’s speciality silane, “XL Pearl”, is introduced into a DS extruder during the PE melt process to produce a finished cross-linked pipe.

Sterling Fluid Systems: Pumps for PVC Sheeting

Thursday, January 10th, 2002

To manufacture its PVC sheeting, Cova Products Limited has opted to use six high performance, high temperature pumps from Sterling Fluid Systems (UK) limited. Sterling’s ZENC 65200 pumps form part of a high pressure hot water system used in a Calendar Line; a machine which is used in the manufacture of the PVC base sheets. The Calendar Line holds four, 32-inch diameter rollers, which are heated with high pressure hot water circulated by the ZEN pumps during the production process. Previously Cova used magnetic drive pumps within the system but the corroded solids caused continual mechanical problems, resulting in increased machine downtime and high maintenance and repair costs. Sterling’s ZEN pumps have overcome these problems as they have mechanical seals with hard faces which resist the abrasion caused by these solids, thus greatly improving performance and reliability. Unlike conventional hot water pumps, the ZEN pump uses a heat barrier to achieve the required drop in temperature at the drive end of the shaft, so that the use of an uncooled mechanical seal does not cause problems as the temperature will not exceed 100°C in the seal area.

Gneuß: New melt filtration system

Thursday, January 10th, 2002

Gneuß has introduced its fully automatic filtration system for large scale applications. This system operates with a process control system for stabilisation, with the following monitoring and control functions: controlled, constant pressure drop (< ± 2 bar) across the filtration system, automatic self-cleaning of the filtration system at material and colour change, and process and system data display and recording. Gneuß has developed its Fully Automatic Filtration System using Rotary Disc Filtration Technology and offers the following processing guarantees: filtration fineness down to 3µm, melt loss due to high pressure filter cleaning only 0.01% to 1% depending on the level of contamination, average 0.05%, and constant 100% melt purity corresponding to the filtration fineness in use.

Extrusion Dies Inc.: New Website

Wednesday, January 9th, 2002

Extrusion Dies Inc. (EDI), one of the largest producers of flat dies for film, sheet, and coatings, has established a new website that provides extrusion processors and web converters anywhere in the world with instant access to information about making its old dies as good as new. The site, which can be found at describes the advanced engineering and machining systems used by EDI to restore dies to as-new condition, outlines options for modifying die dimensions or adding capabilities such as automated gauge control, discusses typical costs and lead times, and provides an email link to Die Remanufacturing Services. The information available on the new website demonstrates that EDI offers the most extensive rework program available to flat-die users anywhere in the world. The rework website is linked to EDI’s general corporate site,

Xaloy: Company provides technical answers

Tuesday, January 8th, 2002

The Xaloy web site ( provides answers to the technical challenges of wear, corrosion, and processing in the plastics processing and plastics machine industry. The site offers a full product range including bimetallic barrels and screws and nozzles, both shut off and filter types. An on-line ordering service allows customers to electronically submit an order or request a quote for any Xaloy product. The company offers a range of assembly, production and consulting services for plastification systems, including a screw design service and a library of technical processing questions and answers. In addition to providing publications available for downloading in various languages, visitors to the site also have the option to request literature and subscribe to Xaloy’s newsletter.