Gefran: Combined pressure and temperature indicator

The Dual Channel Indicators from Gefran CRL are designed to be used with melt pressure transducers and temperature sensors on plastic manufacturing machinery. Input 1 is for strain gauges and pressure transducers. Input 2 is for thermocouples, RTD, PTC, NTC, 0-60mV, 12-60mV, 0-1V, 0-5V, 1-5V, 0-10V, 2-10V, 0-20mA and 4-20mA. Sample time is 15–120 msec and accuracy is 0.2% at full-scale. There is no need to change any hardware or use external shunts to go from one type of input to another, simply change a parameter on the input configuration menu. To manage non-linear sensors, there is a 32-element custom linearisation of the main input. The front panel, with IP65 protection rating, has a two 4-digit display (one for pressure and one for temperature) each with 13 mm high red LEDs, a keyboard, three function keys and a fourth key that can be configured as hold, alarm reset, and set change functions. The functions can also be assigned to an optional digital input. The 40TBs hardware allows it to have up to four outputs. The wide selection includes relay, logic and analogue outputs. The serial communications option, available in standard RS 485, is also available as an option. The device is supplied in an easy configuration with just a few simple software parameters. To program, customers can use the ‘Winstrum’ PC configuration kit, configuration software for Windows (95, 98, NT), which configures the entire device in seconds, saves programs, prints data, displays trends, and saves historical data, in addition to saving configurations. ‘Winstrum’ is standard on the 40TB.

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