Solvay: First solvent recycling plant for PVC

The first industrial unit to use the Vinyloop process for solvent-based recycling of PVC started operating this month. It is at the Ferrara, Italy, site of Solvay S.A. and will be able to regenerate PVC from at least 22 million lb/yr of waste plastics. The unit is operated by Vinyloop Ferrara SpA, a joint venture of four companies: SolVin Italia, Adriaplast, Tecnometal, and Vulcaflex. The waste materials processed will be primarily insulation from electric cables, at least 80% of which will be post-consumer waste.
The patented Vinyloop process was developed by Solvay’s R&D center in Brussels. The first batches of recycled PVC were produced on Feb. 4. A second Vinyloop industrial unit will start up in 2004. It will be designed to recycle PVC-coated tarpaulins and fabrics produced by Ferrari Textiles in France. Half a dozen other potential Vinyloop projects are being studied elsewhere in Europe, Canada, and Japan.

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