Maine Plastiques: Intelligent Reclaim Processing

The French company E.H.P. (Environnement Handicap Plasturgie), a subsidiary of Maine Plastiques S.A., which specialises in the production of small industrial profiles such as cable conduits, has recently started up a new profile extrusion line for processing HDPE reclaim at its production site in Sotteville Les Rouen. Maine-Plastiques chose a complete extrusion line from Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik, a leading manufacturer of pipe and profile extrusion machinery. This particular line is specially designed for reclaim processing, and has been successfully operating in France for some months. The single-screw extruder type BEX 1-60-30 B/4 is equipped with a water-cooled positive conveying feed bush and a special barrier screw. The extruder has a minimum output rate of 150 kg/h and a maximum output rate of 350 kg/h. The line is also equipped with a screen changer, an indispensable component for reclaim processing. The reclaim material is derived from shredded HDPE bottles collected in the Rouen area. Around Rouen, 300 tonnes of HDPE bottles are disposed of annually, mainly for fruit juices and liquid detergents. E.H.P. uses the Battenfeld extrusion line to turn this material into twin-wall sheet which, in France, is used for applications such as separating compartments in animal sheds. With the operation of this new profile line, the French processor is taking part in a project called EHP (Environnement, Handicap, Plasturgie) which aims at providing employment opportunities for the handicapped. Hence, Battenfeld has designed this line with a lower height to accommodate workers operating from a wheelchair.

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