Guill Tool amd Engineering: Equaflow eliminates warping and twisting

Guill Tool and Engineering, USA, has developed a solution to industry problems that have plagued extrusion wood and polymer manufacturers over the past several years. Guill Tool’s new Equaflow has been designed to help eliminate problems such as warping, twisting, voids, sagging at the products centre, unnecessary tolerance variations, having to run at reduced production speeds and uneven material distribution. The Equaflow Series is engineered for solid core, hollow core, single-layered and multi-layered wood composite and polymer applications. The product is available in two different models, one for single straight product throughput that produces thin product strips or trim type moulding. The co-extrusion model enables two different types of material to be extruded simultaneously, such as wood fibre core in combination with a PVC skin. The unique Equaflow material distribution is accomplished by a specially designed patent-pending reservoir system.

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