Plastic Extruders: New 4-head winder

Plastic Extruders has introduced a new electronic 4-head winder, into its standard range of extrusion machinery. It is now available for supply to manufacturers for the winding of extruded products such as flat strip. Different types of winder and coiler are also available for the extrusion of cables, tubes, gaskets and flexible profiles. With 35 years experience of making single-screw extruders and associated equipment for their own in-house production lines, the horizontal in-line winder was originally purpose-designed for use on Plastex polpropylene and polyester strapping lines. The machine gives a positive and geometrically correct lay-on of strap that produces reels which have even faces and straight lines. The new winder replaces older designs which relied on a gearbox and mechanical drive. The machine can be programmed to give every reel optimum pitch and width. Changeover from one head to another takes less than 20 seconds even when the line speed is in excess of 200m a minute. To prevent costly over running of the extruder product, an electronic counter measures the product as it is wound.

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