Kuhne: Cost reduction in barrier film production

Kuhne, Germany, developed a new multi-layer bolt adapter, which offers flexibility, a high degree of production safety and the possibility to reduce production cost. Currently there are a number of three, five, seven and nine layer flat film lines with melt bolt adapter technology installed worldwide. One of the highlights at the Kuhne booth during last year’s K Show was a seven layer flat film line with a new patented bolt adapter, which included an edge encapsulation. The line was laid out for the production of barrier films which are used for thermoformed articles. The line produced a combination with EVOH as the barrier material and a bonding material on both sides. Onto this combination two layers of reground PP were added with a further layer of virgin PP. The film combination included an edge trim encapsulation, which meant that the film edges which were cut off consisted of one raw material and the expensive barrier materials were positioned in the film where they were actually needed. According to the company, the bolt adapter provides cost savings and pays for itself within approximately six months.

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