Darlet Marchante Technologie: Leader in biaxially oriented plastic film machinery

The time is now ripe for Darlet Marchante Technologie, France, to consolidate its leadership position and put its development on a permanent footing. This is how CEO Jean-Pierre Darlet explains the “capital expansion” process which is scheduled for completion in 2003 and will take the form of either an IPO or, more probably, the arrival of a financial partner or industrialist already active upstream or downstream in the sector. The two company founders, Jean-Pierre Darlet and Innocente Moreno Marchante, hold the majority of the DMT´s capital, and the company is France´s sole producer of turnkey production lines for biaxially oriented plastic film (enhanced strength and transparency). The company, which exports 98% of its production, needs to find a new basis for managing its global leadership. There is even a certain degree of urgency involved, since DMT, with 55% of the global market and ranking ahead of the German Bruckner company (30 to 35%) and a division of Mitsubishi, has the capacity to double its production on this market which has seen annual growth of 10% for more than 20 years. Jean-Pierre Darlet does not consider a sales target of EUR 80m to 82m to be unrealistic. The company reported sales of EUR 50m last year, with net profits running at EUR 2m, and currently has orders worth EUR 120m on its books, including an ExxonMobil contract worth USD 20m. Sales are expected to reach EUR 60m in 2002. DMT´s growth, at around 25% per year, stems primarily from its innovative capacity (the company has taken out a dozen or so patents). The plastic film produced on DMT machines is widely used for food packaging and is experiencing strong development in the emerging nations and China. Turkey and Iraq have just introduced legislation for the compulsory packaging of food. DMT has branches in Washington, Canton and in Korea and is also opening an office in Brazil.

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