Dow Corning: New platinum-cured silicone compounds

A new line of platinum-cured silicone rubber compounds offering improved mechanical performance and more accurate cure rates than peroxide-cured rubber is available from Dow Corning.
Silastic brand Rapid Cure silicone compounds are ready-to-use High-Consistency Rubber (HCR) products offering 33% enhanced elongation and 60% greater tear resistance in extrusion applications, nice, non-sticky surfaces when cured, improved accuracy in cure rates, and a shelf life similar to that of typical peroxide cured materials. These silicone rubber products are particularly suited for extrusion applications since they eliminate pre-mixing steps associated with alternative two-part platinum cured materials.
The improved performance of Silastic brand Rapid Cure compounds is due to a new platinum-complex curing system, which acts as a catalyst that cures the compounds quickly even at room temperature. It features proprietary stechiometric addition-curing technology designed to ensure an accurate, consistent cure speed, an inhibitor that makes the compounds stable and manageable at room temperature, and an active ingredient to initiate very fast cross-linking. The platinum catalyst reduces bubbles in deep-section profiles and eliminates blooming on non post-cured products, which cuts out a secondary manufacturing step to bake off any un-reacted peroxide on the surface of the finished product.

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