Tantec: Corona Treater

Paints and bonding compounds adhere poorly to polyolefins because of their intrinsic non-polar chemical structure and as a result these materials require pre-treatment before bonding or finishing to improve their adhesive properties. The most advanced and successful methods of surface treatment are based on a principle of high voltage discharge in air. The Electrical Surface Treatment (EST) process — also known as corona treatment — can be created by two different technologies: Low Frequency (50 to 2,000 Hz) using fixed high voltage for partial treatment at low speed; High Frequency (20,000 to 30,000 Hz) using high voltage from 10 to 56Kv for uniform treatment of large and/or moderately shaped products at high speed. Both technologies can be applied on- or off-line. Tantec’s vacuum or plasma treatment equipment utilises the high frequency EST in a custom-built low-pressure chamber for batch treatment of products with a typical cycle time of 45 - 75 seconds. The result of EST can be measured by either contact angle (Þ) or surface energy (mN/m2) using a contact angle metre or calibrated dyne solutions respectively. Tantec A/S in Denmark offers a complete line of tailor-made equipment for surface treatment of all kinds of shaped products, cables, webs and pipes, etc.

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