Eastman Chemical: New biodegradable resin for blown film

Eastman Chemical Co., USA, has introduced Eastar Bio Ultra copolyester, a new entry in its line of Eastar Bio biodegradable resins. Eastar Bio Ultra copolyester features a higher melt viscosity than its sister product, Eastar Bio GP copolyester. Engineered to be durable for its useful life, Eastar Bio Ultra completely biodegrades to carbon dioxide, water, and biomass in 180 days in a commercial composting environment. It will become invisible to the naked eye in as little as 12 weeks, a time frame comparable to paper in the same environment.
Film made of this copolyester is said to be strong, moisture-resistant, and durable outside a composting environment. It reportedly provides good tear and puncture resistance, particularly at lower temperatures. Applications include agricultural films, lamination films for rigid food packaging, leaf and lawn waste bags, and horticultural applications. Eastar Bio Ultra copolyester is approved for food contact in the European Union and the U.S. When used as a laminate film on conventional biodegradable materials such as starch, Eastar Bio Ultra provides moisture protection and strengthens rigid packaging structures such as produce and meat trays.

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