UCB Films: Innovation in biodegradable films

UCB Films, UK, is launching a new range of biodegradable and compostable cellulose films under the brand-name “NatureFlex”. This uncoated cellulose film developed for bagmaking, window patches and twistwrapping non moisture-sensitive products follows the development of a similar grade, “NatureFlex NPU”. The latter is a base film for the manufacture of adhesive tape products used in the home or office.
“NatureFlex E305″ performs on packing lines similarly to oriented plastic films and can be used in vertical or flow-wrap sealing applications and for twistwrap or bagmaking. Further grades are in development, as UCB Films research and development teams seek to combine the proven technical advantages of cellulose films with advances in biopolymers made over recent years. These products will be tailored to meet the specific requirements of a wide range of products and applications over the coming months, says UCB.
For products requiring greater protection from moisture, and for use in heat-seal machinery, UCB Films has developed “NatureFlex E305″, comprising a biodegradable base film with speciality barrier coatings formulated from nitrocellulose, which contain natural minerals and resins
UCB says its biodegradable films meet the strict criteria of the European composting norm EN13432:2000. This CEN norm measures the degree of compostability of a packaging material compared with a known compostable reference material. The norm is to be incorporated into the management of packaging waste regulations of all 15 EU member states and is expected to significantly influence future waste disposal charges. Packaging materials conforming to the norm will be able to display a logo recognised by the consumer.

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