Entek: Direct wood composite extrusion system

ENTEK Extruders had a very successful stand at the International Wood Plastic Conference in Austria last month. This was the first time that potential customers in Europe had seen the Entek extrusion system for Natural Fibre Plastic Composites (NFP Composites) and the range of products that could be produced with these extrusion lines. Various samples of Natural Fibre Plastic Composite (NFP Composite) were on display, which provided immense interest and focal point for discussion.

ENTEK used the Conference to show their Direct Extrusion process technology NFP Composite extrusion. ENTEK has been able to design a unique system which allows Natural Fibre & Plastics to be combined in the extruder to produce a NFP Composite which can be extruded directly through a profile die producing a NFP Composite product or die face cut to produce NFP Composite pellet compounds. In the USA, the most popular form of these composites is Wood decking, in which there is a vast market. Other profiles have been extruded using the Entek technology, some of which were on display on the stand, using a wide range of fibre fillers including; Wood Fibre, Rice Hulls, Sugar Beet, Kaolin and Ground Paper, to name a few.

The process knowledge and expertise that ENTEK’s technical process engineers have in the area of direct extrusion is extensive. The key benefits displayed at the conference were the versatility of the NFP Composite production from the ENTEK extruder and the ability to extrude Very High Throughputs of NFP Composite profile directly from the ENTEK E-MAX™ Extruder. ENTEK manufacture a wide range of twin-screw extruders from 27mm up to 133mm in diameter, which can give typical throughputs from 50 kg/hr up to 3600 kg/hr of NFP Composite (depending on formulation). ENTEK can supply complete “Turn Key Systems” which can include LIW feeders, melt pumps, calenders, dies, pelletisers as well as other custom equipment tailored to best fit the processing needs of their customers. ENTEK’s turnkey experience includes sheet lines, direct extruded wood fibre filled lines and numerous lines with feeders, extruders, water bath/slides and pelletisers.
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