Battenfeld: miniBEX - a complete line concept for extrusion

The idea was to supply manufacturers of small plastic profiles with a high-quality versatile extrusion line at an attractive price and with a short delivery time.

miniBEX – a complete line concept for extrusion

The miniBEX line of Battenfeld Extrusionstechnik, Germany, is a package of standardised machines and components. Hence, the price could be reduced by 30 % compared with conventional lines, and the delivery time shortened to just 4 weeks, while maintaining the high Battenfeld quality standard. The line consists of a standardised base frame – which can be fitted with any one of four interchangeable standard extruder models – and standardised downstream equipment. Each type of extruder comes complete with barrel and screw, heating/cooling aggregate and its own drive. The base frame is equipped with a compact visualisation screen, a control panel and a control cabinet including electrics, PLC and drive.
The calibration table, belt haul-off and saw are delivered as one compact unit, bolted together and with wiring in place, ready for “plug and play”. The line may be extended to include co-extruders, post co-extruders, notching devices, winders, additional cutting devices, etc., according to customers’ requirements.
miniBEX-extruders – a wide range:
There are four different types of extruders to choose from:
Ø 50 mm 18 D parallel twin screw extruder
Ø 54 mm active conical twin screw extruder
Ø 45 mm 25 D single screw extruder
Ø 60 mm 25 D single screw extruder

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