Berstorff: Roller Head Line for V-belts

Hutchinson, one of the worlds leading concerns in the elastomer processing sector has recently placed an order with Berstorff, Germany, for a complete roller-head line for the manufacture of drive v-belts. The line consists of a GE 150 KS x 16D high-performance rubber extruder, a 2-roll calender and the associated downstream equipment. The core machine components of a Berstorff roller-head line include an extrusion unit consisting of a high-performance GE rubber extruder, drive, temperature control and hydraulics, with all the components mounted on a common baseplate; a wide slot die, its purpose is to distribute the extrudate from the screw diameter to the specified working width and to provide the calender with a constant extrudate feed; and a two-roll rubber calendar, which forms the material into the sheet and calibrates it to the closest tolerances. The patented hydraulic adjusting unit enables the calender gap to be precisely and rapidly re-set. Berstorff also delivers the matching downstream components such as wind-ups, cooling unit, and doubling and cutting equipment.

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