Berstorff: New system for solid silicone rubber

Berstorff, Germany, has fundamentally reworked its machine concept for processing of solid silicone rubber. At the heart of the new concept is a hot air oven, where re-circulating air can be used in addition to the electrical infrared energy to achieve vulcanisation. Upstream of the hot air oven is a modular-design shock oven and a cold-feed extruder. Silicone rubber tubes and profiles of widely varying Shore hardness values can be produced for use in many different applications. Each of the three treatment chambers of the Berstorff hot air oven has an integral air circulation system. The energy produced by ceramic black-body radiator units is continuously fed to the vulcanisation process by means of circulating air. Only 20% of fresh air needs to be introduced into the oven and only 20% of the process air is exhausted to remove any by-products that might be created during vulcanisation. This saves energy and at the same time increases the efficiency of the vulcanisation.

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