Borealis: Customer event about creating value in the plastic pipe business

Borealis, Europe’s leading supplier of specialist polyolefin products for the pipe industry, organised a major event for its customers near its Marketing & Development Centre in Stenungsund, Sweden, on September 4 and 5. The event featured expert speakers from major gas and water companies, contractors, consultants and communities across Europe, as well as from Borealis. This created a fertile environment for useful discussions about how to create more value for everyone in the European Utility business. Polyolefin pipe systems offer leading-edge and often unique solutions to engineering challenges and enjoy faster growth than those made from competing materials.

As one of the speakers, John Tonen from Advantica Technologies said, “The two days have been very interesting and enjoyable and have included many constructive discussions. I am pleased to see that Borealis is taking a lead in creating value both for its customers and the end-users.”

The pipe business is one of the core businesses within the Borealis group. This long-term commitment was underlined by Borealis’ investment in the new Borstar PE pipe facilities with a production capacity of 225,000 tonnes that have recently come on stream in Stenungsund, Sweden, to meet the ever increasing demand for superior bimodal pipe products. 450,000 tons Borstar capacity had come on stream as a JV between ADNOC and Borealis in Ruweis, Abu Dhabi. In addition, Borealis has invested heavily in dedicated and experienced people to help grow the market, promote and broaden knowledge about polyolefin pipe solutions and develop new products.

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