Strictly-Extrusion: We’ve moved!

Strictly-Extrusion has changed servers as you will notice when looking at
the URL-field of your browser. For technical reasons, we are currently
available under our new domain only. Calls to will be redirected to for
the time being. This means that absolute links to sub-pages of
strictly-extrusion won’t work at the moment (they are not a very good idea
anyway for this an other reasons) and using them will redirect you to the
starting-page of
In the process of switching servers, we also had to change the underlying
technological platform. This change should be unnoticeable for you…but in
case of problems with our new platform, please inform us of the problem and
what you did to cause it.
And finally, we added some new features to our forum. These features require
that you have cookies enabled in your browser (at least for the domain If you reject cookies from our server, the forum will still
work as usual but some of the new featues can’t be used.

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