Battenfeld: Aluminium Composite Pipes

Plastic pipes have extensive growth potential for sanitary and heating applications. Due to their outstanding property profile and easy installation, aluminium plastic composite pipes are particularly suitable for these applications and in some areas, they are likely to replace conventional copper pipes. In anticipation of this emerging market, Italian pipe producer Tuboplast has now placed a large order with Battenfeld Extrusiontechnik for extensive extrusion equipment to be used in its new production line. The new line is equipped for the extrusion of aluminium composite pipes with a diameter range of 14–40 mm. The manufacturer opted for the production of high-tech pipes with a five-layer structure. In its core, the pipe wall contains an aluminium layer that is embedded in two layers of silane cross-linked PEHD, which are each joined to the aluminium core layer with an adhesive layer. The combination of two disparate materials within one aluminium composite pipe requires a highly complex production process.

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