Teknor Color Company: New black concentrate colors PVC more efficiently

A new black color concentrate for PVC enables plastics and wire and cable manufacturers to achieve higher throughput rates than with conventional concentrates while not compromising the uniformity of pigment distribution during melt processing, it was announced today by Teknor Color Company.

Designated CS-2001-3 Black, the concentrate has achieved successful use in several vinyl processing operations, according to marketing manager Stephan Pronovost, including a profile extrusion company that increased output by 20% after switching to the new colorant.Key to this improved productivity is Teknor Color’s use of a new carbon black pigment that disperses more uniformly and at higher loadings in the PVC carrier resin than conventional carbon blacks. The resulting concentrate incorporates into wire and cable compound more readily and consistently than standard black PVC concentrates during melt processing, said John Wood, technical manager: “New CS-2001-3 Black concentrate is twice as efficient as our older-generation PVC blacks and exhibits pigment agglomerations that are 30 to 50% smaller.”

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