The Plastics Industry Strategy Seminar

AMI is pleased to announce the launch of a new event: The Plastics Industry Strategy Seminar. This 1-day seminar aims to clearly and concisely discuss the main trends and challenges faced by both material suppliers and processors in the thermoplastics market. The papers, all presented by Mr Andrew Reynolds, Research Director, will build up to form a unique report on trends in the world plastics industry. With unique access to one of the industry’s leading consultants, you will be able to get answers to the questions of importance to your business. Delegates will also receive detailed marketing and statistical data on the size, growth prospects and strategic direction of the plastic industry trends. This will include both information on local market demand as well as the global context for developments.

19th November 2002, AMI Offices, Bristol, United Kingdom
If you would like further details about this event, please contact Maud Lassara on +44 117 924 9442 Fax: +44 117 311 1534 or email [email protected]

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