SGL Acotec: First PTFE pipe

SGL Acotec, Germany, claims to have revolutionised the production of glass-reinforced composite pipes using PTFE liners, with its new Keravin PTFE pipes. SGL Acotec technical manager Dr Ralf Troschitz said: “We are the first company in the field to be able to clad a semi-finished extruded PTFE pipe with glass and carbon fibre fabric. The lamination of the GRP carrier layer is then made in the traditional way.” The company said prior to the development, the pipes could only be made from clad sheet material, since the sheets had to be pre-heated, formed into a pipe shape and welded along the length. Using the bought-in PTFE , Troschitz said: “We can now desist from that process entirely for the first time.” SGL Acotec sees potential in substitution of metal pipes with enameling or loose Cladding; Troschitz added that an electrically conductive version is available.

The company claimed the pipes provide an improved technical performance. It pointed to general weaknesses at the flange connection points and undesirable permeation effects in the liner that have previously caused corrosion on steel support piping.

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