Clariant: Expansion of micronized wax capacity

Clariant GmbH begins operation of a new production line for the manufacture of micronized waxes. This will increase the nominal production capacity for the micro powder types of the Ceridust® product group by around 25%, thus securing the leading market position world-wide. The new plant is a classifier mill with quadruple sifter, which can micronize waxes to 4 micrometer using mechanical crushing techniques.

In total, twelve wax pulverizers are now available with differing technologies, permitting the manufacture of over 60 products based on montan, polyethylene, polypropylene, PTFE and amide waxes. In the course of the official opening ceremony, Manfred Neumaier, Manager BusinessLine Waxes, reminded his audience that the most recently installed production plant for wax micronization went into operation just three-and-a-half years ago. “In addition to the positive market development in the traditional application sectors of printing inks and the paint industry, we have also been able to record gratifying growth in the plastics industry as well. Improved rub resistance in the case of printing inks, increased scratch-proofing, a positive matting effect and an appealing feel in the case of paints, as well as a distinct improvement of pigment dispersion in plastics are the outstanding properties of our products”, says Manfred Neumaier.
Furthermore, Ceridust® products are also being used in the areas of cosmetics, beauty-care, lubricants, sealants and adhesives.
The number of micronized grades in the product range has significantly increased in the last five years. Further new developments are to be launched shortly. In particular, these are products for water-based and UV-cured paint and printing ink systems. Manfred Neumaier emphasises that the implementation of many of these innovations was only possible in very close co-operation with the customer. Neumaier sees the basis for the next instalment of the “Ceridust® Success Story“ in partnership-based and constructive co-operation, in the technical service which Clariant provides and in the innovative capacity and backintegration of raw materials.

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