Monmouth Rubber & Plastics: 100% recycling program

Monmouth Rubber recycles the scrap materials that it generates. The recycling program has been so successful that it is being offered to all of its customers in North and South America. Plans are also underway to offer a similar program to the European community through its UK partner Rubber & Plastics Converters. Monmouth Rubber will accept back 100% of the materials that it supplies from its Long Branch, NJ facility, including skids, banding wire, stretch wrap, as well as all the cellular and solid materials it sells.
New and innovative products have been the result of Monmouth Rubber’s proprietary BondaflexÔ process. The Bondaflex process is based on controlled particle size and particle size distribution through a proprietary process that yields uniform high and low density products at cost effective pricing.

Recycled Bondaflex offers high density material (pounds per cubic foot) at a cost effective price. Bondaflex is used in the component parts for automobiles, federally specified concrete expansion joint applications, industrial components and packaging requiring high density with low costs such as underpadding for playground equipment. The latest recycled product to become commercially available is recycled non-crosslinked and crosslinked polyethylene foam and EVA foam.

Monmouth Rubber can recycle plain material and material with pressure sensitive adhesive on it. The Monmouth Rubber Bondaflex recycling process is also available for products not sold by Monmouth Rubber and for licensing. For inquiries contact: John M. Bonforte, [email protected] Internet:

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