Boston Matthews: Purchase of Munchy

Extrusion equipment manufacturer Boston Matthews has bought the assets of Munchy, which makes reclaim extruders. Munchy is moving from its Wallingford, Oxfordshire factory to Boston Matthews’ Worcester factory and production will start there immediately, retaining the Munchy name.
The takeover follows six weeks of discussions and was completed just as Munchy called in the receiver after a fall in sales in the USA. Although they operate in different markets there are many synergies between the two companies: the equipment they build is similar in nature, and Boston Matthews can see cost savings in building in-house many parts previously bought-in by Munchy; Boston Matthews has recently updated its 3D modelling system which should bring manufacturing economies to the Munchy machines; and both companies are active in export markets, notably the USA, where the interests of their agents do not overlap, so giving both machine ranges a greater presence.

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