Toray: New 45-Gauge Torayfan PC-2 Metallized OPP

New 45-gauge Torayfan PC-2, a high barrier metallized OPP film from Toray Plastics (America), Inc., provides exceptional metal adhesion and high yield economics for packaging laminations. Typical applications include multi-layer laminations for liquid pouches and stand-up pouches, as well as cold seal laminations. The newest addition to Toray’s growing “PC series”, PC-2 is suited for both extrusion and adhesive laminations. Additionally, PC-2 is designed for converting on both sides. This barrier material may be surface printed, buried in lamination, extrusion-coated, or used for strong cold seal adhesion. Metal adhesion values exceed 400 g/inch, and cold seal bonding is excellent with both natural and synthetic cohesives. Furthermore, PC-2 barrier properties lead the industry with an average MVTR of .009g/100in2/day, and OTR of 1.2 cc’s/100in2/day.
In addition to high performance, PC-2 delivers high value. With a yield of 68,200 square inches per pound, this product offers high yield economics to remain competitive with other substrates like aluminum foil or metallized PET films.
Toray Plastics (America), Inc. is a leading manufacturer of polyester and polypropylene films for magnetic, industrial and capacitor applications as well as flexible and rigid packaging. The company is a subsidiary of Toray Industries, Inc., the world leader in synthetic fibers and textiles, plastics, chemicals and high performance films, with annual sales of $9 billion.
For more information contact Toray Plastics (America), E-mail: [email protected] .

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